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Animal Habitats

First Floor
Second Floor

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  1. Journey to South America
  2. Discover Utah
  3. Deep Sea Lab
  4. Penguin Research Station
  5. Ocean Explorer
  6. Expedition Asia
  7. Oceans Ballroom
  8. Islands Ballroom
  9. Reef Café
  10. Prefunction
  11. Aquarium Lobby
  12. Tuki’s Island: Play & Party Center

Journey to South America

Aquarium river habitat with fish

Immerse yourself in a tropical rainforest where you’ll find amazing river giant fish, free-flying birds, exotic reptiles, Linnaeus’s two-toed sloths, and prehensile-tailed porcupines. Presented by George S. Perkins, Jr.

Discover Utah

Otter swimming underwater

Explore Utah from the red rocks in the south to the lakes of the north and see unique native fish, two working beehives, and playful North American river otters. Presented by Central Utah Water Conservancy District.

Deep Sea Lab

School of large fish

Take a dive to the depths of the ocean where you can explore a deep sea submersible replica and find Japanese spider crabs, Pacific hagfish, and Giant isopods.

Penguin Research Station

Penguin swimming underwater around rocks

Watch Gentoo penguins swim, dive, and waddle with views above and below the water. Gentoos are the fastest-swimming penguins and can swim up to 22 miles per hour! Presented by Mountain America Credit Union.

Ocean Explorer

Octopus in a tank

Embark on an unforgettable underwater adventure! Be surrounded by sharks in the 40-foot underwater tunnel, touch stingrays and sea stars, and search for the Giant Pacific octopus.

Expedition Asia

Jungle cat in the rainforest

Visit two Clouded leopards, discover Binturongs and Small-clawed Asian otters, and see giant fish, including rare Asian arowana. Presented by Ford.

Oceans Ballroom

Large ballroom venue with view of sharks.

Sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, and colorful reef fish make the Oceans Ballroom a unique environment for any type of gathering. Aquarium admission included with rental.

  • 3,900 square feet
  • 200-250 seated guests for a buffet or plated meal
  • 300 guests for theater seating or cocktail parties

Need more space? Combine the Oceans Ballroom with the Islands Ballroom.

  • 5,335 square feet
  • 350-400 seated guests
  • 500 guests for theater seating or cocktail parties

Still not enough space? Let’s talk! We can accommodate 2000+ guests using the entire Aquarium.

Islands Ballroom

Event venue lounge seating

Ideal for smaller groups, team trainings, and small parties. Aquarium admission included with rental.

  • 1,435 square feet
  • 50-60 seated guests
  • 100 guests for theater seating or cocktail parties

Need more space? Combine the Oceans Ballroom with the Islands Ballroom.

Reef Café

Workers in a cafe venue

The Reef Café by Icon Culinary is dedicated to providing sustainably sourced food, and even grow their own micro greens using aeroponic towers.


Venue catering warmers

Can be a special entrance for guest check in, an extra lounge, or buffet space when rented with a ballroom.

Aquarium Lobby

Overhead view of lobby venue

First Floor
A sweet space for surprise and delight when event hosts add a variety of entertainment options. Consider live bands, DJs, face painting, performance artists, aerialists, grand gala buffets, and more.

Second Floor
Expand your entertainment for large groups by using this area for DJs, face painting, performance artists, aerialists, or grand gala buffets.

Tuki’s Island Play & Party Center

Island themed play area & venue

Ample seating for parents to relax while their kids explore a large island-themed children’s play structure. Presented by Mountain America Credit Union.

4D Theater

Children in movie theater venue

A 150-seat theater complete with special effects including 3D movies, water and air spayers, seat rumblers, and more. Sponsored by Larry H. Miller.

Habitats Video Series

Penguin Research Station
Expedition Asia
Discover Utah
Journey to South America
Ocean Explorer
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