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New Animal Arrivals

Waddle Over to See Our Adorable Penguin Chick

From Fuzz to Feathers

On June 4, Aquarium husbandry staff discovered a fluffy little chick nestled under its mom, freshly hatched. Penguin chicks are notoriously fragile and have a survival rate of only 30-50% in their first year of life in the wild, so the Aquarium Veterinary Team diligently examined the chick regularly during the first two weeks of life. At around two weeks, the baby began to show signs of illness, prompting Aquarium staff to intervene immediately. The baby was treated for pneumonia and anemia and received supplemental oxygen while our fiercely dedicated husbandry staff hand-fed the chick multiple times each day. Due to their hard work, we are happy to announce that the chick is strong and growing!

Guests who visit the Aquarium will notice a playpen-like structure in the penguin habitat with the baby chick waddling inside, as it cannot yet swim. This structure allows the chick to integrate with the colony while protecting it from the water. The little one is still fluffy, meaning its feathers are not yet waterproof. Once the chick experiences its first molt, it will grow in its waterproof feathers and be able to swim.

Baby penguins grow fast, and guests won’t have a long time to see the chick before it resembles the older gentoo penguins. There is a possibility of more than one baby penguin at the Aquarium, and our team remains on chick watch.

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