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Shark Week

Substitute FEAR with FASCINATION

Join us for Shark Week 2024, July 8 – 13! Shark Week is an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about sharks and their role in maintaining the delicate balance between marine life and the overall health of our oceans. Visit our social media channels to find videos about our sharks!

Shark Week is presented by:


*Activities may be subject to change.


Immerse yourself in the world of sharks with engaging presentations, Nature Storytimes, and education activities around the Aquarium.


Enjoy FREE face painting daily from 12:00 to 3:00 pm and participate in a scavenger hunt throughout the Aquarium.


Adult Yoga: (60-min session)
Monday | 6:30 pm
Wednesday | 10:30 am

Family Yoga: (30-min session)
Saturday | 10:30 am & 11:15 am

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How to Make a Difference

Sustainable Seafood

Learn about how your shopping choices can help support shark populations in the wild.

If you eat fish or other seafood, opt for farmed sources or choose suppliers that practice sustainable fishing techniques.

  • The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guide is a great resource to use for recommendations on which seafood items are “Best Choices” or “Good Alternatives,” and which ones you should “Avoid.”
  • Let your favorite businesses know that ocean-friendly seafood’s on your shopping list. Companies in your community play a crucial role in the conservation of ocean resources and they listen to their customers. Ask them to support sustainable seafood and start making a difference today.

Balanced Ecosystems

The health of an ecosystem is a continual balancing act. As apex predators, sharks are an essential part of their biosphere, and they rely on the presence and prosperity of smaller organisms, even down to the microscopic coral colonies. You can help protect the balance of ocean ecosystems with simple actions:

  • Recycle plastics and don’t litter – Even though we might not live by the ocean, our trash can still travel over land, down streams, rivers, and storm drains to the ocean.
  • Take reusable bottles/straws/utensils with you to activities to reduce plastic waste.


Looking for more ways to help sharks? Adopt a shark today! When you adopt an animal at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, you help us provide the best possible animal care. With more than 4,000 animals and 650 species living at the Aquarium, there are a lot of hungry mouths to feed! Your adoption will help cover the costs associated with giving quality care and food for one year. Help us take care of your favorite Aquarium animal by adopting one today!

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