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Otterly Amazing

Watch Scarlet’s Adventure Episode 5: Otterly Amazing. Expand learning on Otters and Binturongs with the resources below.

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Discover Asian small-clawed otters and Binturongs

Asian Small-clawed otters are the smallest otter species in the world, and they are found in Southern India and Southeast Asia. They get their name from their special hands that have tiny claws and allow them to better feel for their food when they are in the water. They will also use their whiskers to help them feel underwater, and their small size aids in maneuverability while chasing after prey or escaping predators. These otters often live in small groups for extra protection. The groups usually include two parents and their offspring from various litters.

Binturongs are unique mammals from the family Viverridae which includes civets and genets: small, elongated cat-like omnivores that are found in Africa and Asia. Binturongs are the largest species in this family, and they spend a lot of time in trees. They have large, semi-retractable claws, prehensile tails, and long toes to allow them to move through the trees and hang onto branches. They will even sleep in the trees! Along with their unique look, Binturongs also have a unique smell. The combined scent of their urine and musk gives off a smell similar to popcorn. Binturongs eat fruits, nuts, leaves, insects, bird eggs, and small animals which they find with their keen senses of smell and hearing. Their favorite food is figs, and they are important seed dispersers for figs and many other rainforest fruits.

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