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Branching Out

Find Scarlet’s Adventure Episode 1: Branching Out and other episodes here. Expand learning on Sea jellies with the resources below.

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Discover Rainforest Plants

The rainforests would not be the rainforest without two things: rain and plants. Because rainforests get so much water through rain, there are more plant species in rainforests than any other land ecosystem. Rainforest plants vary in size from the largest trees—that can be taller than some buildings—to tiny mosses that cover the rocks and roots of the forest floor. There are even plants in the rainforest that grow on other plants! Rainforest plants are a bit different from plants in Utah. They need a lot of water to survive, the trees often have large leaves, and they do not lose their leaves in the fall. In fact, there is no autumn in tropical rainforests as the climate around the equator (where all tropical rainforests are found) stays warm year-round. Instead, they have a wet season where it can rain for days on end and a dry season where it does not rain at all. Even though we may not live near a tropical rainforest, rainforest plants are important for the planet and for people. The rainforest provides a significant portion of the oxygen produced from land-based plants; it provides an important habitat for thousands of different animal species; and we get many different foods and natural supplies from rainforests like different fruits, nuts, wood, ingredients for medicine, rubber, and other foods like cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, bubble gum, and coffee. 

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Learn more about rainforest habitats at National Geographic Kids.

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